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Proactive Solutions for your Business

Resurgence IT offers products and services that will help your business meet and exceed its budget goals.

Our goal is to improve your technical support and reduce IT costs by improving productivity and give you peace of mind knowing that your environment is being proactively monitored 24/7 to ensure our IT team takes action before a problem interrupts your business continuity.

We provide 4 types of IT support:

  1. Hourly support: call when you want for our normal published rates.

  2. Server monitoring and maintenance: provided every month per server.

  3. Pre-purchased support: blocks of 5 hours at a discounted rate, used either monthly or quarterly.

  4. Unlimited support: monthly flat rate per server and computer/user to provide the support you need to keep your network running smoothly.

With Resurgence IT, you will be able to confidently budget for your IT support costs every month and eliminate uncontrollable variances.


Your business most likely has a combination of computers, laptops, mobile phones, servers, wireless, firewalls, and regular phones that requires support. Network IT Support will cover the labor the IT tech spends supporting your existing network.


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