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Protect your data. Guard your reputation.

Our team will proactively identify and address security threats to give you the peace of mind you need.


Know your security gaps. Security management is the focused strategy of verifying both externally and internally where your gaps are and providing paths to remediation.


You can be doing all the right things with antivirus, updates to Microsoft and other software vendors, implementing complex passwords, and training your staff.


Security management is proactive. It needs to be. By the time you suffer a data breach, the damage is already done. Resurgence IT will stop cybersecurity issues before they start.

How it works. Proactively challenge your security controls, people, and processes.

Security Audits and Reviews can be delivered in several ways:

  • We have the resources to perform a full security audit to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization.

  • We can also provide an initial audit with monthly confirmation scans and reporting. This option allows you to remediate the gaps.

  • These audits include both external and internal components. A full report will be provided to audiences from C-Level to advanced Technicians to review.

  • We can also provide specific security audits to validate your business for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, or other compliance standards.

Threats are real. Resurgence IT can significantly reduce the impact on your business by using the leading security practices with the factors that impact your at-risk information.

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